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Fresh Start is a FoodTech incubator located in northern Israel and home for many rising FoodTech startups.
Miss Watanabe met with the startup entrepreneurs, and each of them explained to her about their company’s innovation. Head of office Mrs. Ariella Artzi guided the tour between the different laboratories and showed us the projects the startups are working on.

Located in the upper galil, the visit of Miss Watanabe to TelHai college can be marked as the perfect closer to an almost month-long tour throughout Israel.

Starting her journey at the Miss Universe competition in Eilat, the southern part of Israel and ending it in TelHai the most northern one.

Miss Watanabe was invited to visit TelHai food science department and research laboratory, and meet students from the East Asian studies department. There, she was introduced to both Lecturers and students. Dr. Gadi Isac and 3rd year student Daniella Eithan from the east Asian studies department. As well too, Dr. Ofir Benjamin and 3rd year student Meshi Menashrov from the food science department.

In the laboratories Juri San was able to learn about the working process of the students and even try one of the natural materials used to make gluten free pasta in one of their projects. as well as, seeing special operation machines that can mimic human senses, one of the machines is even of Japanese made.

Day Five
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