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International Women's Day (March 12th, 2021) 


The idea of “WIN WIN Webinar” was born when we wanted to do something truly special for International Women’s Day. Our goal was to do what this day was designed for -- to truly inspire women, in this day that was slightly taken over by consumer culture.

We wanted to produce a conversation that will reflect what intelligent and determined women are capable of, if they just set their mind to it.


And so, WIN WIN Webinar was born.

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The webinar featured four Israeli women who work and mostly live in Japan:

Hadas Kushelevich- A Ph.D. Candidate at Osaka University, business development consultant, and social entrepreneur.

Dr. Michal Hadad- A developer & consultant in Japan tourism 

Shahar Lilia Griffin- Ph.D. Candidate at Kyoto University, as well as the founder of the “Blue-Vagabond” blog.

Shir David- Business development manager at the “Aniwo” company.


After an introduction detailing each panel member’s unique story and background, we presented them with questions that revealed to us what it means to be a businesswoman and entrepreneur in today’s professional field, and how being a woman may or may not have influenced their experiences.

In addition, as all our panelists are non-Japanese who live and work in Japan, our Japanese audience got to catch a glimpse into the perspective of non-Japanese women navigating their way through Japan’s beautiful, intriguing, and complex cultural landscape.


After the initial interview session, our audience got to present the panel members with questions, revealing more about the relationship between culture, gender, and work environment.

Our meeting was fascinating enough to last for almost 2 hours, and it concluded with each one of our panel members assuring us that no matter who we are and where we come from, hard work and perseverance are anyone’s ticket towards success. 

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