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Sustainable FoodTech and AgriTech start-ups and innovators, consumers, corporations, and SME businesses.

Concept and Goals

NEW IJ is putting together a summit and an EXPO event concerning sustainable food and its various aspects. Sustainable food is one of the most up-and-coming trends in the world nowadays since it’s related to environmental issues, agriculture, sustainability, health, and responsible consumerism. Israel has been a world leader in sustainable food in these last few years, with over 60 sustainable FoodTech innovations, 390 AgriFoodTech startup companies in Israel, 91 investors (local and foreign), public sector support, as well as Tel-Aviv being recognized as the world’s vegan capital.  In Japan, you can already witness the beginning of this process, with the Japanese sustainable FoodTech products market that has been growing significantly in the last few years. Although the number of plant-based consumers in Japan is still small in comparison to western countries (less than 2% of the population), environmental awareness is growing, especially among young people, and with its growth in the consumption of sustainable food. Our goal is that this initiative will lead to a positive impact on both nations, and encourage many fruitful collaborations between them.

About us

The Network of Entrepreneur Women in Israel & Japan (NEW IJ) consists of Japanese and Israeli residents living in both countries who provide services that connect Israeli-Japanese business and culture. This group consists of members with extensive business experience in both Japanese and Israeli companies.

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