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Planter to Plate Webinar (March 2021)


The two-days long online event occurred between 2-3.3 attracted a large audience, and several notable figures were counted among the participants. 

The webinar was coordinated and sponsored by the IJ-WIN group, consisting of both Japanese and Israeli women entrepreneurs, whose calling is to connect and support innovation and business cooperation between the countries. It is this goal that motivated the creation of the Planter to Plate webinar, which sought to focus mainly on food tech, agritech, and urban agriculture business promotion.


March 2nd, 2021


The first day was initiated with a greeting from the Japanese Embassy’s First Secretary Mr. Kurita Souichi. 

The day continued with several fascinating presentations, including data and insights on the Israeli food-tech industry, with an emphasis on startups, as well as the challenges women innovators face in the agritech industry. Those presentations were followed by a panel discussion on vegan social penetration and the future. 


Israeli Parliamentarian Miki Haimovic was scheduled to attend the latter panel but had to postpone her participation due to an urgent environmental crisis that struck the Israeli coast. When she eventually joined, she enthusiastically commented about the status of veganism within Israel’s society and addressed future issues.

March 3rd, 2021

The second day was opened by Mr. Daniel Kolbar, the Minister for Economic Affairs at the Israeli embassy in Japan. 

The second day focused on insights regarding startups investment in both Japan and Israel, which included speakers from the Israel Innovation Authority, Japan Desk, and OurCrowd.

 In addition, discussions on the future of Japanese agriculture were held, with presentations by Japanese people who are engaged in urban agriculture and activities connecting cities and rural areas, and by “Netafim Japan”, one of the world's largest agriculture-related companies born in Israel.


The webinar was amazingly informative, and its recording was released on IJ-WIN's FaceBook page and YouTube channel.

Our next event will be a Planter to Plate Food Tech & Agritech Expo that will be held in Japan. Until then, IJ-WIN and Planter to Plate will continue to spread news related to food tech and agritech.

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