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Day Two

Leor Ben Yakov, Chief Innovation Officer TLV, Head of Partnerships & Ventures at Mitsubishi Corporation, has been explaining to us about the VC activities which Mitsubishi has been doing globally, as related to sustainability, Agri-Tech and other segments. All this within a great awareness of how the sustainability industry itself sometimes tend to be wasteful which leads to the constant effort to save as much resources as possible. We had an open discussion which enabled sincere and transparent communication of which We, in NEW IJ, highly appreciate.

At NTT Miss Watanabe were introduce with leading women enterpreneurs from various fields, such as Medical Device, FemTech and Fashoin Tech. 

In our visit, set by Noa Asher NTT CEO in Israel, Juri san experimented with the innovative product of a temporary tattoo with perfume (see video).

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