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Apply for Participation in Competition

Are your products ready for the world? Why not Japan/Israel?

Do you have an innovative Sustainable FoodTech?

If so, we would like to invite you to introduce your product to a broader audience.

Network of Entrepreneur Women in Israel and Japan (NEW-IJ) is initiating the first Israel Japan sustainable food contest in late September 2022, during the Embassy of Japan 70 years of diplomatic relations between Israel and Japan event in Tel Aviv. The competition aims to give sustainable food tech products an opportunity to collaborate with local chefs, using imported Japanese ingredients.


The concept: 

70 dishes - 35 in Israel and 35 in Japan will be made by local chefs, using sustainable food tech products, and import/local ingredients. We will hold two events, one in Japan and one in Israel.  The judges at the competition will be leading chefs and leading VC companies, as well as food influencers. 


  • Expose your product to the leading Israel-Japan VC companies.

  • Expose your product to the public and the restaurant sectors.

  • The chosen startups will get the opportunity to join the ATR Keihanna smart city EXPO in October 2022 (tentative). 



Thanks for submitting!

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